What does it feel like….?

What does it feel like? 

To be confident in your skin?  To not give fake smiles?

To be in love and loved back? To have someone who cares?

To be someone’s first choice? To be someone’s priority? 

To actually be happy? To feel good enough?

What does it feel like? Actually living your life and not just breathing?


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He broke her. 

He broke her. 

He broke her. Destroyed her. Shattered her dreams and her soul felt incomplete. And the worst of all, she still loved him. And she knew she always would. Afflictive how her saviour turned out to be the poison for her spirit.        To her, he had always been the light to her dark world, and yet here she was……sitting on her bathroom floor with a blade in her hand, debating her own worth. For once, when he was there, she had felt beautiful like she was worth something. She knew love hurts. And she always feared he would end up leaving her just like everyone else had, and yet she had taken a leap of faith with him. Trusted him with a hope in her fragile heart that he would be the one to heal her scarred soul. 

          It was hard for her to hold on to a life she despised, knowing she was and always will be alone. Suffering emotional distress every waking moment and hating on her own self and left her weak and with an enervated will. No, she wasn’t one of those gals who self harmed for a boy, she hated those. Rather she was one of those who had held her heart out one too many times and now she was left with hurt broken pieces. 

         With no one to call her own, not even herself…….she was tired. Just so tired. And she just wanted to sleep and not wake up to pain and suffering again. She had shown him her scars and he had made promises of love and healing and then suddenly, left her all alone to fight her inner demons once again. He was her strength in the dark and he had now abandoned her. 

        So now the question was, how to fight? WHY to fight? Wouldn’t it be just blissful to just…..let go?


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Love & Lust : Follow 

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He treasured her 

Just the way she needed him to 

Touched her soul 

In ways no other man had ever 

Kissed her heart  

Like it beated just for him 

And their bodies craved each other  

Trapped in a lust-filled fever….

Article Rights: Elysian Enchantress

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Ladder of Self Destruction 

You could see it in her eyes
The way she grasped so tightly

To control the turmoil inside her

Hiding the pain so nicely
Crying every night so hard

Then looking all fine the next day

Acting like she wasn’t falling apart

Keeping all the screams in her at bay
Never sharing her feelings

Never talking about her emotions

Never letting anyone close

Dodging all the “Are you fine?” questions
All the ones she let in

Ended up leaving too soon

She doesn’t believe in the word trust no more

Hiding herself in her lonely cacoon
Depression? Trust issues? Insecure? 

Been there, done that. So many times

Hating herself the most

Up the ladder of self destruction she climbs


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Loneliness is a very…unsettling feeling. We all know how that feels. It can be a feeling worse than fear or betrayal.
The thing is, you can feel lonely even when surrounded by friends & family. It is a feeling I am very much familiar with, a feeling I hate.
Sometimes I question, will I ever stop feeling so lonely? Feeling that helplessness when I am in a turmoil, when I really need someone to talk to and yet I can’t find anyone I’d share my feelings with.
Being alone is a very unwanted feeling that I wish to get rid of…

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Maybe I should stop caring.
Maybe then I won’t get hurt.
Maybe I should stop hoping.
Maybe then my heart won’t be crushed.

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